DJI SDK Requires Removal Of Support For The Phantom 2 Vision/Vision+ In Autopilot 3.1




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    Richard Smit

    I own a Phantom Vision 2+ and i bought your software a couple of months ago (3.0) and because of the bad weather i have not been able to fly. The app has updated automatically and now i see that there is no support anymore for my Phantom!. So i have paid a lot money for your software and i have not been able to use it and i now i never will. That sucks! Make 3.0 available again in the store.




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    Jim McAndrew

    In the weeks leading up to the release of 3.1 we sent many emails, push notifications, Facebook posts, tweets, forum posts, website banners, etc warning our users about the upcoming change and instructing users on how to avoid the upgrade.

    This is situation: 
    1) DJI decided to remove support for the Vision in the latest SDK 
    2) DJI made it such that you cannot include two different versions of the SDK in the same app 
    3) The old version of the DJI SDK doesn't support the new aircraft types 
    4) Vision users represent less than 2% of our active user base within the last 30 days (as of Feb 2016) 
    5) We are a small start-up that does not have the development resources to maintain* two separate versions of an app when the Vision version represents such a small number of people 
    6) Apple does not provide a way to allow users to specifiy which version of an app to download

    *A few other people have questioned us on #5, the issue is actually more complicated than just uploading 3.0 to the app store as a separate app. For example, if a critical bug or issue is identified, we will be held accountable if we don't create an update to address it. So even if we did it as "legacy" and not offering updates, in the end we would still actually be responsible to do so. As stated in #5, we a small start-up with limited resources and we are doing the best we can given the situation.

    Again, very sorry about the situation but ultimately our hand was forced by DJI and Apple. If you would like to seek a refund, you need to contact Apple as they control the refund process.

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    Ruel Boyd

    Recent purchaser of your software for my P2V+ (within last quarter). Finally getting around to setting up missions for real estate shoots.................and now I have given you $30 for software that no longer supports the P2V+. Sorry just doesn't cut it, I am a bit (really) pissed at present.

    The least you could do is offer brainer!

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    Jim McAndrew

    If you recently purchased Autopilot you can already request a refund from Apple.

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    Brian Flanagan

    I have an Inspire 1, Inspire 1 Pro, Phantom 4 and two P2V+. The P2V+ are used for industrial survey work for which grid waypoint functionality would have been very useful. Without this, it isn't practical to use theses UAVs. Can anyone suggest alternatives to Autoflight that I could use in order to continue using these drones for this work?

    I think it would also be useful to include in posting notes both the posting date and the firmware/software versions being referred to.

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    D I

    Probably a dumb question, but will the  P2V+ work with the most recent version, 3.9?

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