How can I plan my mission on my Mac or PC?




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    Gary Sawtelle

    This is great news!  It's the ONLY advantage Litchi has on Autopilot!!

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    trevor king

    when will a eta be determined then

    can't use inspire 2

    seems litchi is going to win in the end at this rate

    thank you

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    Donie Kelly

    I've been waiting for this for ages. Hope you get it out soon. Using Google Earth is a bit of a pain. Any ETA yet?

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    Hope this feature comes soon, I would be prepared to pay something towards it eg charge for the update. I do hope that it will be up to the usual quality of Autoflightsproductss

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    Still no news about this feature looks like it will never happen poor show. 

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    Cornell Smiley

    Yeah this feature surely helps with Litchi. AutoPilot is indeed more powerful than Litchi but Desktop integration is needed. I'm ready to pay as well.

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    Chris Lyons

    RE: Autopilot - A desktop computer application (or web app) is a must!  Even though I am well-rehearsed with planning in the IOS (IPad) environment, it would be much more efficient and accurate/safe to pre-plan from the desktop computer environment.  

    I also feel in order for Hanger to hang in there with these excellent programs and be able to compete with all the other mission planning aps out there who mostly have a desktop computer or web app to plan in, they need to do this.

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