Resolved 5/30/17 - Why does my aircraft drift while in Cruise Mode?




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    Jim Pennington

    What is the ETA on a resolution to this?

    In addition, I am disappointed that this warning is buried in a support article.  The effect this has on the aircraft warrants a notification in the app itself prior to engaging.  I almost crashed the aircraft twice while trying to engage in Cruise with a Mavic Pro, and only found this article after searching for setting and remediation options.

    I recommend that AutoFlight Logic/Hangar be more communicative when an update results in such a degradation of aircraft control.  This is an oversight that could actually result in injuries and/or loss of an aircraft.

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    I am new to AutoPilot and I was out at the RC field testing various modes.

    This was driving me absolutely nuts. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

    I agree that this issue needs to be advertised better.

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    matthias schneider

    was flying my mavic today - drifted like hell in cruise mode. now i found this... weak from hangar not giving any notification/warning.

    anyhow - when is this going to be fixed?

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